Recordings by age of use

For each year season there are some attractive in the region and in the property, being the silence and the sounds of natures a constant all over the year, so we can consider tree different epochs:

Between April and September you can enjoy the mild weather with the temperatures between 20 and 37 degrees, which is propitious to hiking trails, the baths in small river, as well as cycling, enjoy the green views in all the existent habit, completed with quiet and relaxing moments in our chairs, and do not forget the huge variety of the existent fruits in the property.

In this period, in all region, there are several religious festivities, leisure and economic activities, for e.g., near the property in September occurs a race of rolling cars.

Between October and December, and with a mild and humid weather with the temperatures about 13 to 25 degrees, you can enjoy picking up the chestnuts and you can enjoy the beginning of a new vegetation, associated to the increase of the river flows and waterfalls inside the property, as well as the involving environment. Normally, in this epoch we can assist to the birth of new animals, such as ewes, she-goats and others.

Although the temperatures fall, this epoch is very good for walks and cycling.


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Between January and Mars, with humid weather and the temperatures about -4 and 17 degrees, you can enjoy the usual affectation of the house at the firewall or air conditioned, and you can eventually assist the snow falling.

In these months it is pleasant to be at home, in such a cold days, filling and earing the sound of the waterfalls.

Especially in February and Mars, besides the sound of the waterfalls, it is the beginning of the annual birds symphony, those singings enchanted every human being.

It is also the beginning of the forestation of ever tree and plant, and each day we can watch the difference in the rise of the green.

It is in this epoch that the cane plantation begins its growing, each cane, for day, grows about 8 to 15 cm.

     However the temperatures, the walks could be in the das where is no rain.