Inventory of the existing goods to be used daily by the guests in the different parts of the house

Alpendre do Forno

  1. Stove, firewood, wood spade, metal fork and metal fire-rake;
  2. Barbecue, trivet, iron pot, fire tongues, broom, 3 gridiron and a small iron fork;
  3.  Heater closet, 3 pars of gloves, wire-brush, several nails and screws, 4 candles, matches;
  4. Rustic lamp in the ceiling;
  5. Workbench.




Casa de banho exterior

  1. Baskin, toilet paper holder, towel bar, piassava and decorative pot,
  2. Bathroom single wash-stand and a mirror;
  3. Toilet and shower base;
  4. Floor mat;
  5. Hygienic products, consisting of toilet soap, towel and toilet paper;


Sala de estar

  1. Sofa bed, 4 seats and an single sofa;
  2. Antique sewing machine end table and a black office chair wheels;
  3. 90*60 Lcd Samsung;
  4. Several locked closets (they are not for the use of guests);
  5. Table with regional sweets and biographic (For the guests to buy);
  6. 2 pictures with photos of the house before reconstruction;
  7. Air conditioned and its command;
  8. 3 Wall lamps;
  9. Recommended book for guests, with some local photos and texts, as well as the inventory of the goods useful.


Alpendre em frente da sala e acesso aos quartos

  1. Wall lamps;
  2. Security vigilance video cameras;
  3. 4 plastic flower-pots and a stone pot, all with flowers;
  4. A Recover old seat with 2,00 meters,
  5. New rustic seat with a reservoir;
  6. A hammock.


Hall de entrada dos quartos

  1. Baby bed with mattress,
  2. 2 golden and black entry tables, a mirror, a black table lamp, a black decorative plate and 3 decorative candles;
  3. 2 Wall lamps;
  4. A fire extinguisher.


Casa de banho

  1. Small metal table and a little basket;
  2. Bathroom furniture with wash-basin, mixer taps and a mirror;
  3. Dustbin, toilet paper holder, 2 towel bars and a piassava;
  4. Hydro massage shower cabin;
  5. Bidet with mixer tap;
  6. 2 towels;
  7. Floor mat;
  8. 2 Wall lamps;
  9. Hygienic products, such as soaps, towels and toilet paper.


Quarto principal com porta sacada

  1. Two doors cupboard with clothes-hanger;
  2. Double bed with 2 bed side tables and 2 small lamps;
  3. Small support metal table and 2 decorative pieces;
  4. Eiderdown, 2 pars of sheets, 6 pillow-cases, 3 pillows and a blanket;
  5. 2 simple curtains on the balcony door and 4 simple curtains on the windows;
  6. 2 pictures with photos of the house before the reconstruction;
  7. 2 Wall lampss;
  8. An air conditioned and its commando.


Quarto secundário

  1. 2 cupboards on the wall;
  2. Double bed with a bed-side-table, a small lamp and 2 decorative pieces;
  3. Eiderdown, 2 pars of sheets, 6 pillow-cases, 3 pillows and a blanket;
  4. 4 Simple curtains on the window;
  5. 2 Pictures with photos of the house before reconstruction;
  6. 2 Wall lamps;
  7. An air conditioned with its commando.


Sala de 2 portas na cave